Month: <span>December 2016</span>

Security Assessment

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A proper assessment of an organization’s security posture must be performed at the network level and at the OS and application level. Below are some sample questions that are asked and evaluated with a risk profile based from ALE (annual loss expectancy), or consequences as it relates to a (EF) exposure factor with Risk/Breach.

A countermeasure is a security control that is strategically designed to eliminate a vulnerability or at least reduce the likelihood of a vulnerability being exploited. The value of implementing countermeasures is the mitigation of potential risks. The costs of countermeasures involve more than just monetary allocations. There are several areas that need to be assessed and evaluated regarding countermeasure implementations, such as:

  • Network Level Security

  • Cloud-based

  • Hosted-Based and OS

  • Application layer

A Configuration Management Database (CMDB) is a repository that acts as a data warehouse for Information Technology (IT) installations. It holds data mapped to a collection of IT assets commonly referred to as Configuration Items (CI), as well as to descriptive relationships between the assets.

* Can you create some diagram to visualize this process? Even hand drawing will work. I can make the graph in PowerPoint or something.