Black Cat Security


Protect your data  from increasingly complex information security threats with our Information Security Services :

Regulatory Compliances

We facilitate audits, develop policies, and procedures to ensure full compliance.

Risk Management

A Virtual CISO is flexibly designed to help meet the security requirements within your organization, and does so without the prohibitive costs of a salaried CISO.

Threat Intelligence

Signature based intrusion detection is one of the most commonly used methodologies of threat intelligence, but it is not effective on all types of threats, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities.

Security Assessment

A proper assessment of an organization’s security posture must be performed at the network level and at the OS and application level.

Security DevSecOps

In many organizations today, the DevOps team and the InfoSec team work more closely and innovatively as peers.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing, as required by an organization’s security audits, is an integral activity to gauge an organization’s level of resistance to security breaches.