Black Cat Security

Risk Management

A Virtual CISO is flexibly designed to help meet the security requirements within your organization, and does so without the prohibitive costs of a salaried CISO. This is a strategically good approach for small/medium size businesses that simply don’t demand the extensive types of security operations of large enterprises.


A Virtual CISO helps to ensure your organization maintains a thorough and well-defined portfolio of security policies and Disaster Recovery plans, as well as updates those policies as your technology & strategic plans evolve and change.


A Virtual CISO can help your organization in developing a wide range of guidelines related to data security, use of information systems, and governance of access controls and rules regarding who, what, and when.

Standards and Compliance

As regulatory agencies continuously address new developments in the cybersecurity arena, the regulations for information security can change significantly in a short period of time. A Virtual CISO helps ensure your organization stays current and compliant with the latest requirements.


Your organization is expected to report regularly on its practices for the management and mitigation of key information security concerns like GLBA or Vendor Management, as part and parcel of compliance efforts. With a Virtual CISO, your organization can work to guarantee that your reporting efforts are always thorough, compliant and reliable.