Additional admin controls for Google Voice ring groups

What’s changing

We’ve added new ways for admins to manage their Google Voice ring groups. Specifically, admins can now:
  • Configure a “Fixed order” pattern where incoming ring group calls will ring members in a predetermined order.
  • Change the maximum duration that a call should ring before proceeding to the “unanswered call” behavior — previously this was fixed at 30 seconds.
Set your Call Routing Pattern, Ring Duration, and Order of Call Ringing
Setting the Call Routing Pattern to Simultaneous

Who’s impacted


Why you’d use it

We’ve heard from you that you’d like more options to customize the ringing behavior for your ring groups. With the new “Fixed order” pattern, you can define exactly what order to ring your members when the ring group receives a call, skipping members who are already in a call or have “Do not disturb” enabled. You can also customize the maximum ringing duration for fixed and round robin patterns that allows you to limit how long an incoming call should ring, which may be particularly useful for large ring groups.

Getting started

Rollout pace


  • Available to all Google Workspace and G Suite customers with Google Voice standard and premier licenses.
  • Not available to Google Workspace and G Suite customers with Google Voice starter licenses.